Room Decoration Tips 101: Vamp Up Your New College Studio Dorm Room with Venetian Plasters

As a new college student, looking for any QUT accommodation services for a college dorm is tough enough. And after that, you’re left with a small room that you need to decorate. What should you do? There are so many choices available to make your room in a student shared accommodation in Brisbane look incredible. You may want to be daring and experiment with it, since it’s the only part in your house where you can let your imaginations run wild. But where do you start? If you want to grab the attention of other people the first time they saw the room, you have lots of things you can do.

Before Anything Else…

However, before you do something with your room from any QUT accommodation services firms, you need to realise first just what you want to do with that room. Is it for your own bedroom? Or, is it a space where you can also accommodate your guests? Of course, if this room’s for yourself, you could decorate it to your liking. But if this room’s also to receive other people, you may want to make it colourful enough so that other would also feel comfortable in there.

Interior Design Decoration Tips

There are so many ways you could choose for this room’s interior design. Forget the old way designs and try something new. Have you ever heard of Venetian plasters? They are richly polished plasters originated from ancient Rome and migrated to the finest houses in Venice in the 15th century. Originally, this Venetian plasters made from marble powders and ground lime. However, there are so many various alternatives that you can choose, such as latex or acrylic products. These will transform your room into a unique space. Check it out at Student One

So, what are the perks of using Venetian plasters?

After asking the QUT accommodation services firm in charge, you can now use Venetian plasters for your room makeover. One of the benefits that you will get from this is creating the polished stone-like look. But, in the hand of highly skilled and experienced artist, Venetian plasters could be brought to a whole new level and creating more unique and beautiful looks. They only need to combine it with some metallic waxes or pearl glazes, and a new dimension of Venetian plasters created. read more

4 Perks You Can Enjoy When Buying Joanne Apartments for Sale

Living in Caloundra opens you to a lot of opportunities. Whether it is in residential or commercial spaces, it is definitely worth your investment. You can choose between apartment units, beach homes, or studio apartments that will suit your taste. If you plan on staying for good, it is wise to invest in any Joanne apartments for sale. You can save more on cost if you buy apartment units in the area instead of renting out a home. The beach is not the only attraction found in Caloundra. There are a lot of adventures that await you and your family right at your doorsteps. Simply search for any Joanne apartments for sale that suits your needs and budget to get the most of the experience. Below are a few adventures you can enjoy when living in Caloundra: 1. Caloundra Coastal Walk — If you are not so fond of surfing, you can simply stroll along the sections of Caloundra Coastal Walk. Take on the 25 km stretch starting from Golden Beach while enjoying the scene. Get your camera ready so you can capture precious moments while strolling near the beach. There are beach houses for sale Caloundra area offers that have direct access to coastal trails. 2. Festivals and Events — You don’t have to stay in the beach all the time just to have fun. You can enjoy jam-packed festivals all year round. Local and international designers converge at the Sunshine Coast Fashion Festival. You can also witness the annual Caloundra Music Festival. You can also experience a comedy tour, ballet, classical music, modern dance, opera and musical theatre. Your holiday will surely be exciting even when you are not staying on the beach. You can also purchase an apartment unit for sale Sunshine Coast offers and lease it out to tourists during holidays. 3. Currimundi Lake Trails — If you want to have an adventure far from the beach, you can explore Currimundi Lake Trails. These tracks are well-mapped and complete with signages along the way. You will know the native flora and fauna of the place. Make sure to select Joanne apartments for sale that is closer to nature parks and beach trails. You and your family will get to enjoy more time together. 4. Mountain Biking — If you want a more challenging activity, grab a mountain bike and head out to Caloundra’s Sugar Bag Road Bike Trail. This is located right in the Caloundra Town Reserve. You can get to experience a 12 km of riding adventures. There are various courses you will encounter featuring rocks, drops, crevices, seesaws, bridges, jumps and ramps. It will be a great workout for you and your active friends. These are just a few perks you will get to enjoy when living in Caloundra. Just be sure to do your research before you buy a property for sale in the area. To get value for your money, speak with local real estate agents to provide you with any info you may need. Or, visit for more choices. Take a look at,4551